Let me take a moment to address a great injustice in our society, a wrong that has plagued our world for a very long time, at least as long as I remember. This outrage is that of the inequity between an aspect of fashion that has infuriated women worldwide. This aspect is that of the appalling and quite unfair preference that the fashion industry gives men in regards for pockets.
Now let’s try an¬†experiment. Guys, think about the clothes you are wearing at this moment, the jackets, blazers, jeans, and hoodies. Odds are you all have at least one functional pocket, if not dozens. There’s pockets galore, pockets within pockets, secret pockets, special pockets, pockets for every item you’ll need.
Now girls, look at the clothes you are wearing. If you’re anything like me, you’ll notice a shocking lack of pocketry. The pockets on your jeans are sewn shut, the pockets of your jackets and sweaters are merely decorative, and often, the pocket may merely be an illusion of embroidery.
The point is, us girls are suffering a staggering lack of pocketry in our clothing. Have you ever wondered why girls carry around such huge purses? It’s because we don’t have a hundred different pockets of our person to put useful things like our phones, or credit cards, or a bit of cash. Our only option is the carry it in our hands or in a tote. The point is, there’s no pockets to put those little small things in so we need to lug around on a daily basis.
Seriously, pockets are such a rarity in women’s fashion that when one of us finds a dress or skirt that has pockets to put stuff in, it is a huge deal. We jump up and down and squeal in delight and remark how amazing it is because having a pocket is awesome. When one’s dress has a pocket in it, we don’t need to drag around a huge, unwieldily purse just so we have a cell phone with us. When we have pockets, we can have a single place to put our car keys so that we don’t have to spent half an hour digging through a veritable black whole to find them again. Pockets are frankly awesome, and I think it is a travesty of utilitarianism that girls around the world are denied such a simple luxury as a folded piece of fabric sewn into clothes to put stuff in.
We must fight for pocket equality! Death to fake pockets!