My Favorite Things

IMG_1672There are a few, tiny, minuscule, totally insignificant daily experiences that make me feel very happy. These little things are not grand sweeping events that have any real impact on my life, personality, or relationships; they are just small, everyday occurrences and moments that I find totally awesome. Sort of like in that song in The Sound of Music, “My Favorite Things”, my list of the Most Awesomest Occurrences is in a similar school of thought. It’s all just the itty-bitty happenings that make me smile and praise God.

When it is 98° F outside, and you are exposed in the blazing sun of our notoriously sticky and sizzling Southern summers, any relief from the heat feels like what I imagine heaven to be, the feeling of a draft of air conditioning icily blowing through a closing door and washing over your sunburned face glistening with sweat. When it’s hot, walking into a building with AC gives one an almost indescribable feeling of euphoria and relief. As that comparably frigid first blast of cold air envelopes you with sweet chill, the soothing coldness over your skin feels like jumping into a cool pool of air. Your struggling lungs can breath again and your body suddenly goes lax in utter bliss. When the door closes, you are left with a lingering sense of joyous comfort before the blazing heat overcomes our nerves once again.

When it is Sunday morning and your alarm goes off a 6:00 AM and you groggily grapple out of the soft arms of slumber, your entire body exhausted and tired. It takes every iota of mental fiber to force your body to struggle out of your impossibly comfortable bed that is begging you to stay in it’s warm pillowy embrace. There is an incredible feeling of relief when you suddenly realize that it is the weekend and you have no plans that morning and you don’t have to go anywhere. You get to sink back into your warm covers and lay your bedraggled head back down on your downy pillow and relax because you don’t have to rush to throw clothes on and run out the door.

When you are feeling absolutely filthy (perhaps after a long day in that 98° weather), your face covered in the smeared remains of makeup, grime, and perspiration, and you finally can step into a steaming hot shower and wash away the encrusted remain of a long hard day. That first moment when the water hits your face and suddenly all the problems and worries of the day seem to wash away down the drain, and you are finally clean again…. It is magical.

When you hear the ping of the Remnant Facebook Youth Chat with a new comment to one of the Tuesday night posts and you can read one of the hundreds inspiring and uplifting messages from another godly kid and be totally encouraged. The stories of tests passed and scriptures read give one a feeling of unity and support in this race to run after God.

These are a few of my favorite things. There are so many other wonderful blessings in my life, both big and small, that give me such inexpressible joy. I love the life I live and the people I get to be around.

Please comment with your own “Favorite Little Things”! I’d love to see what anyone else finds absolutely heavenly!